My Priorities

·My goal is to continuously implement transparent government practices through:

Increasing community engagement when it comes to decision making in regards to large city projects

Increasing the number of citizens’ advisory boards and commissions for diverse and critical inputs to city’s governance

Enacting pro-equity policies, plans, and practices to ensure that the city’s governance is racially just and culturally inclusive.


·In order to provide consistent city services we need to maintain a balanced budget, develop a funding strategy that gives us fiscal resiliency. My goal is to address our city’s unfunded liabilities from the State and King County, to fund emergency preparedness, and to increase economic development to bring in more revenue for the city.


·We have to strategize on how to deal with the big warehouse facilities that have silently become a burden to the city due to the loss of sales tax. We have to also make the ShoWare center self-sustainable, attract new housing developments to the city, establish work force training institutes, and bring in high tech businesses and small businesses.


·We need to reduce expenditures by improving productivity, efficiency in various departments of the city including the Police Department. The Police Department requires about 60% of the city’s General Fund. Community based policing would substantially reduce that high budget burden and help better utilize those funds to improve safety elsewhere in the city.


·Adopt smart development approaches for our Downtown and transit corridors such as compact luxury condos and walkable shopping complexes

· Housing choices for all economic groups

As a council member, I will ensure that zoning regulations facilitate the development of a variety of affordable housing types, options, and densities throughout our city so we can manage the growth to ensure housing affordability.

Help establish transit oriented development in the downtown and Mid-way development corridor. I will take initiatives to partner up with developers to build high quality, innovative and affordable housing that beautifully blends with the surrounding neighborhoods of Kent.


·Parks and Recreational Facilities improvement project

Establish an Adopt-a-Park program for neighborhood councils

Source funding to complete and improve park projects that have already been identifiedand planned

· A collaboration between the Kent Police and the general public will help improve the safety of our city.

· Priority will be to adequately staff the Police Department to address city’s increased crime rate and drug abuse cases. Public safety is of paramount importance to the city since it will play a key role in attracting new residents, jobs and businesses to Kent.

· I will advocate for community-based policing in our city. 65% of all crimes, drug abuse, and other public safety issues could be prevented through community involvement like neighborhood councils, block watches, and community policing.

· I will initiate a proposition to make it easier to establish neighborhood councils, to give them resources to prevent crime, and to facilitate easier communication/collaboration with the Police Department.

Strive for more funds for the Human Services Commission. Work collaboratively with King County and Puget Sound Regional Authority to help new immigrants transition into the city with proper housing and job training.

Working in coalition with King County and other regional partners, I will spearhead a multi-pronged approach to homelessness involving job training, rehabilitation and transitioning into permanent homes. I will ensure the city’s budget invests in these programs and has buy in from the community.

Facilitate training institutions that teach trade occupations. Establish internship and apprenticeship programs between community colleges and local businesses to cultivate new talent. Explore tax incentives for small businesses and new start-ups to establish themselves in our city.

Work with developers to establish entertainment districts consisting of homes, stores, restaurants and parks. Expedite permitting to allow building of luxury hotels
and entertainment facilities. Work with the ShoWare center to bring in a diverse array of programming.

Work with the King County Transportation Department to improve the bus services within the city and East-West corridor connectivity. Establish more bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths within the city road network.

·Green House Gas emissions reduction and climate action plan

· Work collaboratively with the developers to construct sustainable Green buildings

As your council member, I would like to be your leader for the city. Getting this vision to become a reality will require a lot of hard work, perseverance and  community involvement. I am ready to devote myself towards serving our great city to improve the lives of all our residents.

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