I’m Mizan Rahman, and I’m pleased to announce my campaign for Kent City Council.

My family and I have been living in Kent for the past 12 years, and I am proud to call Kent my home. I want the best for every Kent resident: if given the opportunity, I am confident that my work experience and community involvement will add value to the Council’s decision-making process and increase the efficient governance of our great city.

In my 35 year professional career, I have worked with private, public, non-profit, and local government organizations, both nationally and internationally. I am currently working as a Senior Capital Project Manager for the King County Wastewater Division. Throughout my career, I have led multi-disciplinary teams and overseen, supervised, and coordinated many multi-million dollar capital projects on municipal facilities. These experiences have uniquely prepared me to serve as a Kent City Council Member and contribute positively to our city’s public works and capital projects.


I have a vision for Kent and would like to see the city to be on the top 5 greatest cities in the state of Washington. Our city is facing challenges in multiple areas, including the fiscal cliff, public safety, crime, and a lack of affordable housing and park services, to name a few. A long-term comprehensive plan and concerted efforts of the city leadership are needed to address these challenges. As a part of this team of leaders for our city, I will promote active community participation and make our city government more accessible to the residents of Kent.

I’m eager to utilize my accumulated knowledge, expertise, and community service skills to develop our city’s policies, procedures, by-laws, and ordinances for the benefit of our residents. I hope we can work together to make Kent a better place for all its residents.


I appeal to our residents to support and elect me in the upcoming city council election. I am eager to utilize my accumulated knowledge, expertise, and community service skills in developing city’s policies, procedures, by-laws,  and ordinance etc. for the benefit of our residents.


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